10 new, fun games added to GameWolf

10 new, fun games added to GameWolf

GameWolf's range of online games has become even greater. Today we added 10 games for your enjoyment. Read this blog message for more information on these HTML5 games, including links to play them.

Village Story

Take everyone to the other side, but beware, not everyone can get along with each other. How do you solve this? Play the HTML5 game 'Village Story' for free on GameWolf:


In this awesome game you will get a lot of challenges. How far can you make it? Use your skills and place the blocks on the right place! Play the HTML5 game 'Cyber Tetroblocks' for free on GameWolf:

Neon Blitz

Jump from side to side, collect stars and avoid the missiles! Try to get as many points as possible. You have to pay attention everywhere! Play the HTML5 game 'Neon Blitz' for free on GameWolf:

Micro Tank Battle

Shoot your enemy, but beware: he also shoots back. Collect shields and packages to protect yourself! Can you beat the enemy? Play the HTML5 game 'Micro Tank Battle' for free on GameWolf:

Flow Mania

In Flow Mania you have to connect dots of the same color with pipes, creating a flow. You also have to fill the whole board to solve the level. And no crossing or overlapping are allowed. Play the HTML5 game 'Flow Mania' for free on GameWolf:

Jewel Hunt

Do you like Match-3 games? We have a new one with jewels! Look at the top of what you have to do and finish the levels! Play the HTML5 game 'Jewel Hunt' for free on GameWolf:

Jewel Explode

Match 3 or more colored jewels in Jewel Explode to create a chain of 3 or more. The more matches you make, the higher you score! What highscore can you achieve? Play the HTML5 game 'Jewel Explode' for free on GameWolf:

Jelly Bomb

Clear all tables by dropping the jelly with jelly remover. You need to ensure the perfect chain reaction using the tiny amount of jelly remover available. Play the HTML5 game 'Jelly Bomb' for free on GameWolf:

Stick Freak

Stretch the stick so you can pass to the other side and collect the diamonds on the way. Be sure to make the stick accurate: not too long, not too short. Play the HTML5 game 'Stick Freak' for free on GameWolf:

Blackjack Master

In Blackjack Master the player competes against the dealer by comparing cards. There are several ways to beat the dealer! Play the HTML5 game 'Blackjack Master' for free on GameWolf:

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