Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you find answers to frequently asked questions. Do you have a different question? Visit our contact page.

Are all games on this site free to play?

Yes, all games on this website can be played for free. You don't have to pay to play these games. Some games include in-game purchases, but you're in no way obligated to make such purchases.

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Do I need a plugin to play your games?

No, you don't need a browser plugin to play these games. You only need a modern browser which supports HTML5, for example Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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I am stuck within a game. Can you help me?

Unfortunately we can't offer support regarding the gameplay of the games on this website. Most game pages include a walkthrough video which shows how to solve several levels or parts of the game. We recommend to watch this video if you don't know how to play the game or if you are stuck.

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The game does not start. What to do?

If the game doesn't start, please contact us and let us know which game you are trying to play and which operating system and browser version you are using.

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How does the favorites function work?

On each game page you find a button called 'Add to favorites'. When you click this button, the game will be added to your favorites. Your favorite games can easily be accessed when clicking on Favorites in this site's menu. Your favorites are saved in the local storage of your browser; we don't keep track of your personal favorites. If you want to access your favorite games, you need to use the same browser and don't empty the local storage.

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I can't find my favorites anymore. What to do?

If you can't find the favorites you made on this site, it means the local storage of your browser was emptied. Please be sure to use the same browser as the one you used when you added the favorite games. As the favorites are stored on your computer only, we are not able to restore your favorites, unfortunately.

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