10 new HTML5 games on GameWolf

10 new HTML5 games on GameWolf

Today we added 10 new online games to GameWolf which you can play for free directly in your browser. See this blog article for information about these HTML5 games. Are you able to achieve a highscore in one of these games?


Jump from top to bottom and avoid the stones that suddenly come from the side. Save as many coins as possible on the way! Play the HTML5 game 'KindCloud' for free on GameWolf:

Ninja Action 2

Ninja Action 2 is here! Like Ninja Action, you are the ninja and you have to survive as long as possible. Jump from side to side, but beware of the other ninjas! Play the HTML5 game 'Ninja Action 2' for free on GameWolf:


Beat your opponent by scoring in his goal. But beware he also wants to score in your goal! Play the HTML5 game 'Pongoal' for free on GameWolf:


Galaxe is an old skool space shooter! You have to pay attention because they will shoot you down from everywhere. You can shoot, fly and use your shield. How many bosses can you beat? Play the HTML5 game 'Galaxe' for free on GameWolf:

10 Ten

10 Ten is a fun and interesting puzzle game with simple number-based mechanics. The aim is simple – you must try and turn one square into the number 10! Play the HTML5 game '10 Ten' for free on GameWolf:

Knife Hit

Did you always want to throw knifes? This is your chance! Get handy with these sharp knifes. Throw them at the right time on the block and be aware that all the knifes have to fit on the block. Can you take this challenge? Play the HTML5 game 'Knife Hit' for free on GameWolf:

Vegetable Ninjas

Do you love vegetables or do you hate them? It doesn't matter because in this game you don't have to eat them. Because these vegetables are turning into ninjas, who you can control! Dodge the sharp objects, like swords and axes. Play the HTML5 game 'Vegetable Ninjas' for free on GameWolf:

Animal Puzzle

Use your puzzle skills. Slide the plates until an animal emerges. Will you be able to complete all animals in a short time? Play the HTML5 game 'Animal Puzzle' for free on GameWolf:

Bunny Quest

Slide the tiles to make a path for the rabbit to the goal. Your goal is to use as few movements as possible and collect as many carrots as possible. Play the HTML5 game 'Bunny Quest' for free on GameWolf:

Unpark Me

Your car is stuck in all other cars... Use as few movements as possible to get your car out. You can move all the vehicles! Play the HTML5 game 'Unpark me' for free on GameWolf:

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