5 new online games added to GameWolf

5 new online games added to GameWolf

We have added 5 new online games to GameWolf. Here they are: World Trivia, Mahjong Flowers, Soccer Champ, Switch Colors and Monster Go. Play these HTML5 games for free on GameWolf. Enjoy!

World Trivia

Guess the object displayed on the picture using the letters at the bottom of the screen. You can use hints if you don't know the object at first sight! Play the HTML5 game 'World Trivia' on GameWolf for free:

Mahjong Flowers

Match identical tiles to remove them from the board until it's entirely cleared. This Mahjong game is special; there are beautiful flowers everywhere! Play the HTML5 game 'Mahjong Flowers' for free on GameWolf:

Soccer Champ

Use your soccer skills! Hit the ball at the right time and defeat your opponent! Can you score the most goals? Play the HTML5 game 'Soccer Champ' for free on GameWolf:

Switch Colors

Jump through the rotating circles. You have to go through the same color as your own object! What is your highest score? Play the HTML5 game 'Switch Colors' for free on GameWolf:

Monster Go

Connect the same cute monsters with each other. You do this by drawing lines to the same color. The further you go, the more monsters you get. The game gets harder step by step! Play the HTML5 game 'Monster Go' for free on GameWolf:

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