20 new HTML5 games on GameWolf

20 new HTML5 games on GameWolf

Today we added 20 new online games to GameWolf which you can play for free directly in your browser. See this blog article for information about these HTML5 games. Are you able to achieve a highscore in one of these games?

Wild West Slot Machine

Play the best wild casino slots for free and experience the real thrill of Las Vegas! Enjoy all the fun of a Western slot machine in your hand. Place your bet, spin and win big prizes in the best free casino game!

Yummy Slot Machine

Want to try your luck? Beautiful classic slot style gameplay comes with tasty food and big wins. You will experience the full range of emotions without the fear of losing money. Play free slots with Wilds, Free Spins and Bonus game feaures like in Vegas. Take your slot machine with you everywhere in your pocket.


The classic Sokoban game that many people love.

Space Friends

Space game by OdiusFly Studio (Kyriakos Farris).


Dinosaur game, published by Cloud Games.

Hungry Harry

In this awesome game you have to help Hamster Harry. Touch the screen or click with your mouse to change the direction of Harry or he will fall off the platform!


Tetris-style game with monsters.

Jumping Bee

Jump with this cute bee as high as you can! Watch out for the stinging branches, when they hit the bee, you're game over! What is your high score?

Fun with Squirrels

An awesome game to test your skills! Jump, jump and jump on the trees, but look ahead in this game! The squirrels will change when you go further. Can you beat them all?

Tower Defense

As the name implies, a tower defense game. Great graphics.

Sky Troops

In this awesome game in the skies, you have to shoot the planes down and rescue the people on the ground! Be the hero and defeat all the enemies before they shoot you out of the air. Upgrade your plane and get back on the battle field!

Extreme Burger

Who doesn't love burgers?! In this game you can create the biggest tower burger ever! Or complete as many orders of your customers, to set a new high score! Which mode do you prefer?

Planet Guardian

You are the Planet Guardian. Defense the planet from all the enemies. You can shoot and also collect shields to protect yourself! Some enemies are stronger than the others!

Bottle Flip 3

Ready for the coolest challenge ever? Bottle Flip 3 is here! Rotate that bottle and don't drop it! How many spins can you make? There are more challenges now!

Kid Icarus Deluxe

Fly around and avoid the pillars by going right in between. Collect keys on the way. Have not you always wanted to fly once?!

Drag Racing

Ready, set, go! Race against other cars and win as often as possible. With winning you will receive extra money. You can upgrade your car with the money.

Stud Rider

Stud Rider is an amazing cool game, in which you can stunt with your motorcycle! Make a lot of somersaults with your motorcycle, but you also need to collect fuel for power! Also you will not survive if don't land on your wheels. How high can you score?

Maze Lover

In this awesome puzzle game you have to bring two lovers to eachother, so they can be together forever! Think fast, move fast and show your puzzle skills in this maze game! Let's bring those lovers together in each level.

Happy Chicken Jump

Jump with this really happy chicken in the sky! Bounce from platform to platform and grab everything you can to get the highest score.

Mini-O Stars

Luck Starwalker needs your help! Gather enough coins to free his friends. Be quick and avoid all the angry space troopers! Mini-O Stars is a simple and challenging ping pong-style game. There are 4 additional fun characters to unlock!

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